We, as a community-based organisation, have launched a wide range of crowdfunding campaigns to bring about the positive changes that we would like to see in the world. By participating in any of our campaigns you can:

  • Stand for the right to education for children and voice your support in favour of the child labour act.
  • Raise donations to help us fund old age homes or create a shelter as a hostel for homeless children.
  • Support mother safety and mother care by providing charity training as part of the family counselling workshops.
  • Work together with us to ensure charity protection.
  • Collaborate with our volunteers and take up projects related to retirement homes or help us set up free old age homes.
Adopt a Child
  • Raised: $6400
  • Goal: $5000
Give a Scholarship
  • Raised: $5100
  • Goal: $5000
Become a volunteer
  • Raised: $100
  • Goal: $5000
Give a donation
  • Raised: $1000
  • Goal: $5000