Our Volunteers

Vidya Nair

An engineer, Vidya has joined us to offer free food to children. An advocate of child rights, Vidya emphasises the importance of child education and provides free education. With her focus on children welfare, she fights for child protection and runs c

Ketan Mehta

Ketan has been an integral part of our counselling centre. A budding entrepreneur, Ketan takes care of the work profile counselling wing of the organisation. Apart from that, he also organises regular donation campaigns. Through his extensive campaigns

Dr. Sangita Mukherjee

A renowned doctor, Dr. Sangita offers free health services to children. In her opinion, malnutrition is one of the biggest causes that hinder appropriate health care for kids. Therefore, she conducts regular check-up sessions and works in the domain of

Arjun Singh

An ex-teacher, Arjun works on providing care for shelterless children. He also actively supports campaigns that are aimed to acquire investments for establishing old age homes and hostels for homeless children.